Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Pullet Laureate

I met a nice family over in Carrboro last week.

Carrboro is a separate town, but no one knows for sure where Chapel Hill ends and Carrboro starts. It starts roughly over there by the car wash. In fact, no one at the car wash knows which fire department they should call if the place ever catches on fire, but they don't worry about it a lot because, well, it's a car wash. 

When business is slow, they sit on the bench out front, watch cars drive from Carrboro into Chapel Hill and vice versa, though they're never really sure when the car has actually made the transition ("Reckon that red Chevy is in Chapel Hill, yet? How 'bout that blue hybrid?"), and cogitate on the fire department question.

Anyway, this family I met raises chickens in their backyard ― it's a "thang" over there in Carrboro. The town council approved it. 

Carrboro is serious about raising chickens. Every year they have a big parade and select a Pullet Laureate.

You can't raise chickens in Chapel Hill. In fact, if it isn't free range and certifiably organic, you're not even supposed to eat one here. That's why we eat in Carrboro a lot. People eat fried chicken over there every day of the week and never ask to see the chicken's papers.

Back to my story, though, this family I met realized that when school starts they will need help with the chickens, so they were looking around for someone to come by once or twice a day and check to see that they have plenty of feed and water. A family from Chechnya had recently moved into the neighborhood and they have a 15-year old son who said he'd love a part-time job. They hired the kid on the spot and now claim to be the only family in North Carolina with a Chechen chicken checker.

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