Friday, May 24, 2013

A Kentuckian's View of North Carolina

My daughter-in-law recently posted 38 Signs You're From North Carolina. She's from NC, but I'm not. I grew up in Kentucky and then spent my adult life in Northern Virgina. I retired to Chapel Hill in 2005, though, and thought I should give you an outsider's perspective on the "38 Signs".

Here goes.

You don't have to be from Carolina to hate Duke.

Cheerwine isn't very good, but it's cute and sometimes fun.

There is no argument over barbecue. Western Carolina style is very, very good. But Eastern style is better.

I've been to more Asheville brew pubs than a lot of Ashevillians, and yes, it's Beer City, USA. If you haven't tried Wedge Brewing's Golem, you've been sadly deprived. Keep Asheville weird, but the entire state of North Carolina is covered with great microbreweries.

"Y'all" is not grammatically correct, but no one from the South gives a damn and no one from the north matters. (Yes, the capitalization is intentional.)

Tea is not always better sweetened, unless you're eating barbecue or fried chicken.

Not interested in NASCAR or hockey. I grew up in the South before ice. (Well, before air conditioning, anyway.)

Of course, I'd live off Bojangles biscuits. You would, too, if you tried one.

App-a-LATCH-un or App-a-LAY-shun? I know how to pronounce Appalachian State correctly.

It's "App State".

That's like asking whether the capital of Kentucky is pronounced "Louavull" or "Louie-ville".

It's Frankfort.

Grits and biscuits are staples? Duh.

Ohio is not the birthplace of aviation. Kitty Hawk, NC is. Then again, Lincoln was born in Kentucky, not Illinois.

I didn't watch the ACC Tournament in class, but we did get a week off to go to the Kentucky State High School Basketball Tournament. The Kentucky Education Association pretended to have teachers meetings that same week next door in Louisville to justify closing schools. . . but we all knew.

Love me some Bluegrass music. If there's a heaven and The Seldom Scene won't be there, I don't wanna go.

I suppose I brag about the NC music scene, but when you've got James Taylor, the Carolina Chocolate Drops, Earl Scruggs, Thelonious Monk, John Coltrane, Clay Aiken, Old Crow Medicine Show and the like, it's more fact than bragging.

I love The Lost Colony and Blackbeard. I jumped off Jockey's Ridge a million times before I ever moved to NC.

I don't know anyone who has tipped a cow or anyone who has not tipped a waitress.

I ate Krispy Kreme doughnuts long before they were trendy. Nowadays, I just don't need the extra calories. Still, I'm glad they opened one on Franklin Street. Just walking past the sign makes me happy.

Not interested in the Charlotte Hornets, but then I'm not interested in the NBA until late in the playoffs. Maybe they'll be there one day.

Defend North Carolina even when the state disappoints me? I probably would if we were chatting in person, but privately it pains me to see the current state legislature send the state back to 1950.

Lived through a couple of hurricanes.

And Wagon Wheel?

One helluva song.

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